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Croatian islands and coast

Enviroment protecion   I   Harbours and marinas   I   Winds of Adriatic



No country in the Mediterranean has as rich an archipelago with its 66 islands, 652 islets, 389 rocks and 78 reefs. These are the remains of the Dinaric Alps that covered the area million years ago, but later sank into the ocean. Nowdays, paeks are rising as islands, forming on of the largest archipelago in the Mediterranean.
The Adriatic coast is splitted into nothern, middle and southern parts, because each part has unique natural landscapes, culture and tradition, but, with simillar climate and winds.
67 islets are inhabited, so there is plenty of untouched enviroment that colud give you a feeling of privacy among the unique islands, islets and indented bays.
Diversitiy of landscape, pleasent climate with 2600 sun hours per year, crystal clear sea and steady winds makes Croatia one of the best sailing area in the world.



Nothern part of the adriatic coast is encircled by the area from the horn Savudrija in the pennislua Istria to area arround city Zadar. Pennislua Istria has sharply indented coastline with many protected coves, and is famous by its charming old cities (Buje, Groznjan, Motovun, etc.) , Brijuni islands(National park), Vespasian Arena in Pula and plenty of vineyards, as well as the quality wines. Souther of istria are situated islands of Kvarner (Krk, Cres Rab), famous by ancient towns populated in the Neolithic period, old Venetian art treasures and first evidence of Croatian language in Glagolitic inscriptions, Baška tablet.

MAIN CITIES: Pula, Rijeka

MAIN ISLANDS: Krk, Cres, Rab, Losinj, Pag, Silba, Olib

NATIONAL PARKS: Brijuni islands, Paklenica, Nothern Velebit, Plitvice, Risnjak

NATURE PARKS: Ucka, mountain Velebit





Middle part of the adriatic coast is encircled by the area from the city Zadar to area arround city Split, and is called Dalmatia. Along the coast, there are many medieval cities, (Zadar, Sibenik, Trogir, Split) with lots of Romans palaces, and UNESCO protected heritage. The 44 km long Dugi Otok (Long Island) lies on the edge and function as the breakwater for the islands inside. Souther, next to it, is situated Kornati archipelago (National park) with cca. 150 islands and islets. Area arround city Split is surrounded with many large and small islands. This is the famous part for sailing, because it has the largest number of islands with many protected harbour and bays including harbour and bays along the coast.

MAIN CITIES: Zadar, Sibenik, Trogir, Split

MAIN ISLANDS: Dugi Otok, Kornati, Ugljan, Pasman, Murter, Solta, Brac, Hvar, Vis, Korcula

NATIONAL PARKS: Kornati islands

NATURE PARKS: Telascica bay, Lake Vransko





Southern part of the adriatic coast is encircled by the area from the city Split to area arround city Dubrovnik. So, in fact southern part of Dalmatia with islands Brac, Hvar, Solta, Vis, Korcula is also part of the southern part of the Adriatic Coast. There you can find different landscapes, larger islands, with many small ancient towns, like Hvar and Korcula. Souther there is famous island Mljet (National park), and UNESCO protected city Dubrovnik, with beautifll Elafiti islands in front of it.

MAIN CITIES: Split, Dubrovnik

MAIN ISLANDS: Solta, Brac, Hvar, Vis, Korcula, Mljet, Lastovo, Elafiti islands

NATIONAL PARKS: island Mljet

NATURE PARKS: Mountain Biokovo





Because of the great values that lie in the natural beauty of the country, many uninhabited spaces and islands, purity of the sea, Croatia concetrate to take great care for nature protection. More than 7.5% of the area of the country is protected with national parks or in other forms of conservating measures.

The Blue Flag Campaign in Croatia is handled by the Nature Friends Movement "Lijepa nasa" wich is a member of the FEE since 1997. Monitoring the costal and marine areas and bathing water quality is done by Public Health Insitutes, and all data is public information and is broadcast on the national TV network as well as published in newspapers.

Most of the beaches and marinas have shown interest in joining the Campaign, and many succeed in wining the coveted flag and put it on a visible place. Also lots of them are waiting the European Jury to allow them to fly the Blue flag in 2005.





Along the coast and islands there are over 350 very favorable natural harbours for all kind of yachts. There are also over 50 marinas. Most of them belong to well ogranised ACI company (Adriatic Croatia International Club), while the others belong to several private companies.

All marinas offer the high quality service that is competitive with all Mediterrannean marinas. They are well suplied with water, electricity, fuel, sanitary conveniences, restaurants, shops, exchange offices, sports and recreation facilities, etc. Many of them put great importance to social community and comfortableness between the crew and guests, so they try to function as the club for people who love to gather fo a conversation over a glass of "Pivo" (beer).

Amount of the mooring fees depends on the lenght of the yacht and the size of pier it occupies.

They also take care about enviroment protection, so many marinas successed to win the Blue Flag, a distincion for well accomplished sea conversation.

There are also many well protected bays for those who want to sleep in quite and peacefull places.

Most of the marinas in Croatia (all ACI marinas) are Monitoring and Listening to VHF Channel 17.
Ports Harbor Master's Office are Monitoring and Listening to VHF Channel 10 and 16.





South wind (scirocco):
Warm, humid wind from SE that brings rain. It can last up to 7 days during winter, and up to 3 days during summer. On the first day the wind is not very strong and it has tendency to grow stronger. It can develop into a storm (up to 50 knots). During summer the wind can change direction to S-SW, this should be taken into consideration so that you could find proper shelter on time. First sign of sirocco is high humidity and absence of thermical wind (maestral).

NE wind (bura):
Cold and very srong wind from NE. It usually comes after the rain and it brings cooler, sunny weather. It is shifty, with very strong gusts. It can reach gale force (more than 50 knots). It starts suddenly and very soon reaches maximal force. Each day it looses its force.

N-NW wind (tramuntana):
When along the coast blows bura, in the open sea and outher islands the wind is from N-NW direction (tramuntana). It can reach speed up to 40 knots and creates very high waves. It brings fair weather and usually in the next few days the weather is stabile.

Sea breeze (maestral):
Thermical wind wich blows during summer from W-SW. Maestral is the best wind for sailing, rarely stronger then 25 knots. It blows every day when the weather is stabile and sunny. Maestral starts around 11 am and lasts until evening.

N-NE wind (burin):
Also thermical wind which blows during summer months. It starts after sunset until morning and than it stops. Direction is similar like bura but much lighter, never over 20 knots.

Summer storms (neverini):
Very strong wind followed by heavy rain, often hail. These summer storms are tipical for August, but they can appear all summer, mostly in the afternoon, evening and in the night. They come from SW and W, with possibility from NW. First sign of storm are accumulation of heavy clouds in the W, as it comes closer you can see lightning and hear thunder. The wind can be very very strong but it doesn't last very long and after the rain it stopps.

During summer, weather forecast, that can be heard on VHF channel 67, is very accurate and useful for choosing sailing route and finding safe bay or port for sleeping. It is not easy to predict real direction and strenght of summer storms so if a warning is issued you must be very careful and if possible ask local population for advice.




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